Welcome to my website.
I’m Eli and this is a light-hearted look at my life. I live in the sunny metropolis that is Musselburgh, with my wife and two cats and I’m involved in all kinds of visual communications media but for fun that mostly involves blogging about inane things which interest and amuse me. I am lucky in life that my passion is learning and technology for learning, which is also my job, living the dream people! I’ve spent years developing online learning courses and teaching people how to get the best out of all the fantastic digital tools available to help you learn and I’m now transferring those skill to using technology to enhance the learning experience in the classroom in higher education. Be warned if you get me started, I can talk about this for hours.

For fun and relaxation, I garden, cook, cycle and generally enjoy being creative.

My blogĀ – about cooking, gardening and brewing

My blog about cycling

A very old and out of date blog I wrote when I was learning Gaelic.